View Full Version : So what is exact effect of G-Sync?

01-10-2016, 03:22 AM
So I bought g752vt, which has geforce 970m.

and I don't know exactly well about effect of GSync. Of course I read its definition, but still dont know well.

Is it means all game I run is run at at least 60 frame? I tested with Company of Heroes 2 and it does not run at 60 frame. I turned on FRAPS and it says 25~70 frames (most option is very high)

then why 980m Gsync laptop is better than 970m Gsync laptop? If both has Gsync, feeling that gamer receives is same?

01-10-2016, 03:48 AM
As what I have read, Gsync just synchronizes your video card's refresh rate with your screen's refresh rate minimize or prevent tearing (vertical splitting/misalignment) and to have more or less a smoother video experience.

01-10-2016, 07:05 AM
The FPS you get of any particular game is determined by the performance of the PC itself.The 980m is more powerful therefor >more fps.What G-Sync does is eliminate screen tearing while allowing FPS to move dynamically.So you can be running at 100 FPS one second and then a graphically intense part of the game drops it to 50 you will not see any stutters or tearing but it does not help performance at all although it makes it matter less to an extent especially for games that don't require high FPS to be played properly like shooters.

01-10-2016, 08:48 PM
It help performance a little bit in the sense that If you have V-Sync on and the game is dipping below 60FPS, the response time between mouse/keyboard actions to what actually happens on screen is increased. It gets worse the lower the FPS gets too with V-Sync on. With G-Sync this is not an issue because its not trying to force 60FPS to get a consistent image but syncing the monitor to what your computer can produce.

If your running a game that does not dip below 60FPS or 75FPS as your refresh rate or V-Sync lock may be set at, you will probably not notice any difference. But in those times where it dips it helps a great deal. This is ideal for laptops as even the 980m is not as powerful as desktop GPU's and even then games are pretty demanding. Its also a huge help if your trying to push 144 through a capable monitor.

144FPS is pretty fast and most new games will not be able to achieve that consistently unless your SLI/crossfiring multiple graphics cards. Even with multiple cards you may get your 144 but this jump between 100 to 144+ depending on what's going on. So if you V-sync at 144 its going to get that performance drop. However, if you have G-sync/Freesync (NVidia/AMD) it adjusts dynamically.