View Full Version : GL552JX Squeak and stutter after startup, advice appreciated!

01-13-2016, 09:18 AM

So after finally (and I hope also permanently with BIOS update) solving the issues with sleep/hibernate not working and some drivers being jerks :), getting the laptop into what i call a working state, there is still one thing that bugs me and I need to help with.

Every time I start the laptop about 5 minutes after logging into windows, there is a high-pitched sqeaking noise that lasts about 1-2 minutes, than everything gets back to normal. It´s such a high frequency I bet many people would barely, if even notice it (already got a few people look at that personally and none of them could hear it). Thing is that during the noise, everything seems to be slowed down and stutter (for example if I´m watching a youtube video during this happening, it starts to tear really badly... if I´m launching a program, it takes longer than usual to start). Noise also changes according to what I´m doing, if I start a program it gets higher and louder, same when I´m moving opened windows or scrolling webpage.

It happens every time I start the laptop from cold boot or wake from sleep. Strangely, it doesn´t happen when I restart. It also happens only after logging to windows, if I idle on a log screen for whatever time, nothing strange happens.

Some other observations I made:
- in CPUID Hwmonitor, CPU wattage goes up of about 5 watts during the noise and then drops back to normal idle/whatever wattage, temperature stays normal all the time
- sound doesn´t appear when uninstalling Intel HD 4600 graphics driver to Basic Microsoft Display adapter, I tried using all versions of HD 4600 drivers, from manufacturer´s to latest generic beta, noise appears on all of them
- also, I´ve had some problems with buzzing earlier, which I suspect was an ethernet card, because it used to stop when I plugged in a cable and after using different drivers, the buzzing completely stopped and I could relatively precisely locate it from around LAN port just by hearing. I wonder if this might be somehow linked.
- I´m sure none of the programs not-preinstalled is causing this, since I already did a factory reset while solving sleep issues and this noise came back right after recovery (was happening before too)

Specs: i5 4200H w/ Intel HD4600, 8GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 950m 2GB DDR3, Windows 10 Home x64 (GL552JX-DM021T)

After all problems I´ve had so far (and other read about on this forum) this is the one I can easily get to live with, since it happens only for a short time, but I´m really reliant on a laptop not failing on me (warranty or not, I own it for about a month and a half), so an advice if I should be concerned about this would be higly appreciated.


01-16-2016, 04:53 PM
Bumping with more information. I found out my AC adapter emits the same noise, but more quiet and all the time, it goes away from adapter when the noise and stutter occurs in laptop and then comes back immediately after laptop stops making the noise. There is no noise when the laptop is running on battery, even when adapter is plugged in. Could it be that the AC adapter is going faulty?