View Full Version : New Member - ASUS G752VY-RH71 & A few questions

01-13-2016, 02:24 PM
Hi All,

I've become part of the ASUS ROG Family! I've always wanted a really powerful gaming laptop and this one fit every requirement I had (especially heat!). Below are my specs, I'm awaiting arrival from XOTICPC:

17.3" FHD IPS Matte Screen w/ G-Sync
Intel® Skylake i7-67000HQ
16GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM

I do have a few questions regarding docks/port replicators and some kind of standing station.

1) Didn't really think about it until after the fact but I planned on a Port Replicator but then realized that this or the Docking Station cannot be good for gaming, have there been any advancements? If so, any recommendations? P.S. I've done searches but lot's of them are older threads and don't offer up too much info.

2) Does anyone use a stand so that's propped up a bit more? I've got 2 monitors on my desk and should have room for this bad boy on the right hand side but I'd like to have it propped a bit.

3) Does anyone have recommendations for large gaming mats?

Thanks for anyone that responds :)