View Full Version : Power button problems

Alenn G\'Kar
01-16-2016, 12:13 PM
Hello I just had a crazy day. When I came home pluged GX1000 mouse into USB then my mouse stoped working. Only red light and USB contoller was available it could not detect it even in other computer. Then, later that day, my power button just broke and burned off during extream heat when I tryed to turn off computer. When I push it back to the default position, light was not working.

Today I have to start with second button next to the power one. My mouse is still broken. Don't know if my power button broke my mouse, gues not.

Also I have noticed that my DVD rom boot even when I plug it on the grid and not turn on. Tryed to disable driver and bios support but it wont helped. Maybe it is DVD rom problem and scratch my usb too :(

Do anybody know how to program the second button to have the same abilities as power button?

Thank you.

01-16-2016, 03:15 PM
Know idea what notebook you have but the older G75 G55 G46 have the button next to power button that only changes Power schemes, I don't know anyway of programing it to act as a power button. Its sounds like your having some serious Over heating issues. you will need to solve before you worry about replacing the power button. EBay is the only source of part I know of here in the states the EU I believe there is a parts dealer in UK you can goggle that one up. The kind of heat it would take to screw up your power button would indicate a charger problem on your Mother Board? Sounds like its about time for a upgrade to me?