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01-17-2016, 05:54 AM
Hi guys, i need to ask a few question about my laptop conditions.

I bought my laptop for quite some time ago, so it's out of warranty.
My laptop, Asus G750 JW i7-4700HQ is experiencing some heating problem and loud fan noise.
I sent it to the service center about 3-4 weeks ago to fix:
1. missing 2 keys on keyboard
2. the overheating problem

They replaced the whole keyboard with a new module that cost me around USD 93 or IDR 1,290,000 because they said that the key can only be replaced as a whole keyboard module, not individually.
Im not sure if they're telling the truth or not, but I dont mind it because i need it (i'll explain later why i dont trust them). Moreover, they said that my fan is still working fine, just dusty and they cleaned it, and they just add thermal paste to fix the overheating problem.

when i got it back, the idle temp is around 50 and i thought that it's normal (before i sent it to the service center it was around 60-65 idle temp)
but now, the fan still making loud noises. The idle temp is around 55c-60c, and it can reach 90c-98c while gaming. (game like galactic civilization 3 can put my laptop at 93c-94c

I read some of the post in the forum, and some have problems like me, they recommend to do undervolting using Intel Extreme Tuning, so i followed the step on this video:
the max temp after i undervolting in the stress test is 94c at 100% CPU (around the same as the guy's laptop on the video)
So i'd like to know if i should change my cooling fan, and what's the normal price for G750 JW fan. Should i go for the original part from ASUS service center or buy a different brand for better cooling system ?

Because not long after i bought my laptop (i bought it outside my country, i studied abroad at that time) the charger wont charge, and when i sent it to the service centre in my country when i went back for holiday, they said that the charger is broken completely and i need to buy a new one for around $100+
then they said that my battery might also broken and i could buy it from them too for around $100, and they said that since my laptop dont have an international warranty, they cant help much aside from that (as far as could i remember, all ASUS laptops have international warranty, and i bought it just recently at that time).
i wasn't sure at that time so i decided not to agree to their suggestion, instead i sent it to the service centre in the country where i bought it, turns out that there's nothing wrong with my charger, just the tip of the adaptor that's not working properly, and they fixed it for free by just replacing the tip, instead of asking me to buy a new one.
so im having a trust issue with the ASUS service centre in my country.
(I've filed a complaint to the ASUS custemer service international on their website about the conduct of their official service center in my country about 1-2 weeks after my charger is fixed)

Right now, im only using firefox and the CPU temp is 55c-58c, and im very concerned.

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01-17-2016, 01:56 PM
something isnt right there for sure, not sure how warm it is outside over there but here in holland my idle temp is around 42 degrees celsius on the highest temp core, lowest is 34. when gamning my cpu never gets above 82 orso. so either they did a very bad paste job or indeed the fan is broken . when the temp hits a certain degree the famn kicks in ofcourse so i assume thats what you experience now.

With the xtu stress test my cpu gets to 85 degrees, but for real life scenario's that wont happen a lot here. I did paste everything myself 6 months ago and stil all is ok. Used Gelid Extreme on both cpu and gpu. and for the GPU chips i used K5-Pro paste wich replaces thermal pads used on the chips