View Full Version : Where to get a WLAN card upgrade on my G751JT in South Africa?

01-18-2016, 08:52 AM
Hey Guys,

I've run out of options and I'm getting a bit frustrated, I'm hoping somebody here may be able to help.

I contacted ASUS Global to direct me to an authorised service partner who can upgrade my WLAN card on the G751JT (I ended up with the crappy AR956x and my home WLAN runs on 5Ghz. USB adapter is annoying me. I always feel like I'm going to snap it off).

So I get directed to Mustek and Ensure Services. Mustek just don't respond via phone or email and Ensure respond saying they don't do upgrades on ASUS units. (Okay... you will replace the WLAN card if it's faulty but you won't put in a better one if I want a better one and I'm prepared to pay for it???)

I go back to ASUS and the only response I get from them is: "Sorry to hear that, if you don't have an authorised partner work on your laptop you will void the warranty".

Are there any SA people in this forum who have managed to deal with an authorised service partner successfully for an upgrade?

If so, please could you direct me to the correct people to deal with.

KInd Regards,


01-18-2016, 01:25 PM
What WLAN router are you using that has only 5GHZ?


01-18-2016, 01:51 PM
I don't know if it would cost more but you can buy another router that supports 5 and 2.4ghz to extend your current setup. Or you can buy one of those nano usb wifi adapters. You wont notice it's even plugged in there. Theyre so small.

01-22-2016, 11:52 AM
Hey Guys

Thanks for the replies, The problem is not the router. The router is fine. The router is brand new.

The problem is the crappy card in my G751JT. It only supports 2.4Ghz. Now this isn't what was advertised but I'n not looking to fight about that.

All I'd like to do is upgrade the Wireless card the G751JT shipped with to one of the other supported Wireless Cards. For Example the Intel one or the alternate Atheros one. Both I have seen shipping with the G751JY.

I want to be able to use a 5Ghz wireless network without having to use a USB adapter.

I have a wireless headset that runs in the 2.4Ghz range so I've moved my home network to the 5Ghz range to reduce interference.

01-22-2016, 02:23 PM
What card came in yours? I was under the impression that they all shipped with the same Intel AC7260 that supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz regardless of the region. If you do have the AC7260 then you might want to try drivers from Intels website.

They have a new release dated 1/19/16

I dont know about the atheros but I can confirm that the AC7260 works in older ASUS models as I upgraded a 2.4Ghz pre-N (old and slow) in a G74sx because I was tired of it being connected to AC 1900 866Mbps router with 50mbps speeds.

No one was doubting the operation of your router. Just that most, myself included, are accustomed to seeing routers that support 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I just did an extensive search and could not find a single 5Ghz only router offered. Several 5Ghz range extenders but no routers.

If you could post up what router you have and what wireless card is in your machine it would go a long way into helping you.

You can download hwinfo here

Here is whats in my G752VY


01-25-2016, 05:09 AM
Thanks Justin

I have a Linksys XAC1200. It does support both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz but I prefer not to run 2.4Ghz because it interferes with my wireless headset. All my other devices connect on 5Ghz.

I was also under the impression that the unit would ship with a better wireless card. Here is the card that I got, see attachment.

The Atheros AR956x only supports one 2.4Ghz connection @150Mbps. This is barely compliant with the Wireless N standard from 2009.

Basically I have a Wireless card that is 8 years old in a new laptop.

I have managed to speak to ASUS South Africa who are looking into this for me. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

I'm still disappointed though that a high spec gaming laptop shipped with such a terrible wireless card in it. Especially when the official website and the website of the reseller both indicated that the laptop supported the Wireless AC standard.

01-25-2016, 06:21 PM
I understand that perfectly and would be a bit concerned myself if I had a card that old when they are shipping it out to other markets with the Intel AC 7260 That supports an 866Mbps connection and their specs page lists

Integrated 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Built-in Bluetooth™ V4.0
10/100/1000/Gigabits Base T

Something else is as much as I know this is going to sound off the wall what they install may be regional dependent. A look back at an old thread from someone in Malaysia posting they got the exact same card. Doesnt make it right but its obviously not isolated. What is your specific model number? does it vary from those listed for sale in the US?


01-26-2016, 06:34 AM
Lol yeah I also read that thread, it is a pain in the ass.

What I did not expect was to struggle to find a service partner in South Africa who could upgrade it for me while maintaining the warranty. So far my dealings with the South African service partners has been terrible.

In the meantime I have escalated to ASUS South Africa and I hope that I will be able to gain traction through them. Either way if it is positive or negative feedback I'll post it here. Maybe save someone else the heartache and frustration of dealing with the sub-par service partners.

03-02-2016, 08:58 AM
Hi Guys

I am sad to report back that even after being in contact with ASUS South Africa since 25 January I am still no further than I was when I last posted.

They are apparently waiting to get the correct part number from ASUS in Europe.

I'll update again once I know more.

03-15-2016, 04:07 PM
I have some good news today. My G751JT is scheduled for an upgrade on Thursday with one of the local distributors. If all goes well I'll post here.

Looking forward to it

03-22-2016, 10:47 AM
Well gents (and any ladies)

I have just gotten back from the service agent and all seems to be in order. I have got the Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 installed now clocking 780Mbps.

If anyone else needs to be pointed in the right direction PM me.

On that note I'm also finding out how and where to get the G-SYNC Upgrade done on my JT

03-31-2016, 06:26 AM
The Intel 7260 card is working like a charm.

Thanks to Andre at ASUS South Africa for the assistance!

03-31-2016, 09:04 AM
The Intel 7260 card is working like a charm.

Thanks to Andre at ASUS South Africa for the assistance!

I have replaced it with the Killer Wireless Card for better results but i am happy they fixed it for you.