View Full Version : G751 Bad/stuck subpixel changes colors

01-19-2016, 02:38 PM
Hello everyone,
I bought my Asus G751 last summer. Everything is fine (monster machine), except problem with one pixel. It started after few weeks
I think. When the computer boots up there is a bad subpixel (red), then after few minutes (or little more) it dissapears and it changes
into blue bad subpixel (it doesn't dissapear or after a very long time of laptop running).
My question is do you guys ever meet with that kind of behaviour? Is there a chance that after some time it will repair by itself or replacing
the whole matrix is the only soultion?
I want to add that I've tried one application that was posted somewhere at this forum (JScreenFix) and it didn't help, also like gently
rubbing the screen.
I hope that someone will answer my question. This is really annoying to buy expensive device and see that it is not perfect after short time. :c