View Full Version : G750JW No Post, RMA Won't Help, Disheartened Customer

01-19-2016, 09:50 PM
So I've been laptopless for the past four or so weeks after talking with customer support after a (presumably) failed BIOS flash occurred while I was traveling on an airplane and subsequently, on battery life. After reading the many threads on here, I presumably looked up the problem and diagnosed it to that. I've tried everything: plugging a flash drive with a BIOS image in whilst holding down two keys, placing another bios on the hard drive while holding down two keys, removing ram, removing hard drives, nothing helps. The laptop powers on without backlight and the disk drives flash for a moment, proceeded by the power light turned on along with the num lock key permanently turned on. The keyboard does not flash any keys nor is the num lock key pressable to make the light turn off. As such, I decide what any sensible person would do, knowing it's a BIOS problem and I call up ASUS RMA. They create a ticket, I send in my laptop, wait about a month and I've just received the laptop today. It comes back, unrepaired and in it's original state.

Now I'm absolutely livid, frustrated, and about to throw ASUS products out the door due to this service. :mad:

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start to get a compatible SPI-ISP BIOS programmer so I can fix this myself? After this I'm never purchasing another ASUS product again, this is unacceptable.

01-20-2016, 05:43 PM
Welcome to the forums and sorry to hear that RMA didn't go more smoothly. Feel free to send me a PM at cl-Albert to discuss privately or continue posting at this thread to get more opinions if it's better.

You may want to hear from people who have gone the bios programmer route, but if you didn't already know, the bios chip should be soldered on the motherboard, so you would also need to unsolder and re-solder the bios chip safely.
Also, just wanted to confirm the problem really occurred after a failed bios flash and there isn't something else wrong with the system since there could be other things causing that problem too although I'm assuming they are still all motherboard related if you've checked everything else.

Also a little curious if you sent the system back under warranty or not, but if you haven't talked to ASUS support again and don't mind checking with them again, there should be some special 'consideration' if your previous RMA did not go correctly.
You may be able to get 2-way shipping covered or I would ask for it at least if you don't already get it.
Also, want to make sure your battery charge light comes on when plugged in or you sent in the AC adapter in case repair was not able to catch the problem.

Good luck in getting a quick solution and feel free to discuss more. Thanks.

03-03-2016, 10:24 PM
Don't throw it. I was in the same situation like you, couldn't RMA it in Italy since i brought it from Malaysia and warranty has finished. Fixed it by mixing all information i got from google for about 2 weeks just right before I got the reprogrammer which is still on its way from China to reprogram it