View Full Version : Stylus help for G751

01-19-2016, 11:00 PM
I got my G751 for the amazing upgradeability of it, and the stunning specs that it came with stock.
Unfortunately, I find myself unable to successfully taking notes by hand - the ONLY reason I got the 751 - Touchscreen
For note taking in class, as I am an engineering student with 99% of my classes being math-based. I have to write a lot of equations, which requires me to write down complex equations, quickly.

I want to be sure I can make use of the stylus I may want to get in the near future.
I know there's capacitive, wabcom, and bluetooth. I know I can't use wabcom.
Does anyone have any experience with a bluetooth stylus and a G751?
If not, which stylus have you had any success with?