View Full Version : ROG Win8.1 G751JY laptop playing 3-4 chord repeated notes for no apparent reason?

01-20-2016, 03:42 AM
I have a ROG 751 JY laptop with windows 8.1. Th laptop was bought ne in October 2015. It has 32 gb Ram and a 256ssd. It is up to date on updates. Recently, I have heard a 3-4 chord repeated notes that appears for no apparent reason, and it also causes the box that the extra icons on the taskbar jump each time the chord sounds. The laptop sits on a cooler master with 3 fans and is in a well ventilated area. Other than the chord sounding I dont notice any interference with playing mmorpg games, like world of warcraft, as I notice it when I have wireless headphones on. Any suggewtions? Thanks