View Full Version : sound via speaker out on G75 versus asus monitor

01-21-2016, 02:51 AM
i recently put an Asus PA248 monitor up to a Asus G75A via DisplayPort.

OS is Win7 & whenever i restart or wakeup the system, to hear sound i need to goto Control Panel->Sound and switch default from PA248 to Speakers.
i do have the monitor's USB port connected to the G75A so i can make use of the USB ports on the side of the monitor.

the "VIA Audio Deck" app doesn't present a way to maintain "Speakers" as default either.
the NVIDIA Control Panel shows DisplayPort "Ancor Communications Inc PA248" though it directs one back to Windows Sound settings to choose playback device.

i'm wanting Windows to keep the default setting of "Speakers" vs the monitor.

any clues how i can accomplish this?

01-21-2016, 02:48 PM
Yes well NVidia controls the HD sound though the Display port just as HDMI does also so you would have to find a setting in the NVidia software to use Analog sound only that should do it if you can find that setting if there is such a setting. Another route may be with your monitor itself in the setting for the monitor to turn off the sound or use only analog sound ports? That may or may not work since you system is set up that when the display port is used sound is disconnected from the analog port to the HD port? Hope something in this helps you out.

01-22-2016, 02:59 AM
@Clintgm, i'll try your suggestions, they make sense. i didn't find any setting in the monitor sw to turn on/off sound, just sound level and it was at (0).
i re-visit the NVida controls. quite easy for me to miss something there.

i don't know about when the DP port is used the analog port would be disconnected, but it might. my speakers are connect to the analog out jack on the left side of this G75. but as you know Windows thinks the monitor is the default.

not such a big deal, just the slight inconvenience of switching that. thanks for your help, i'll give it a try