View Full Version : Customer Service (Turkey), Pricing/Problem, G751-JT w/Liquid Damage Requiring MB Repl

01-28-2016, 08:10 AM
Hello everyone, I bought this amazing gaming laptop (G751-JT) from amazon when I was in United States. I bring it to Turkey (because I live here) and accidentally I dropped liquid to my laptop. I sent it to Customer Service which is in Istanbul/Turkey. They told me that my mainboard, RAM and keybord is damaged. The cost of the mainboard will be 700$, RAM will be 200$ and keybord will be 70$, plus other costs like servicing which they said a total cost of 1100$. When I was buying from amazon (04/29/2015) the price of the laptop was 1800$ including taxes. Now, customer service wants 1100$ which is way too expensive for me. Also while buying the laptop, amazon told me that 'Accidental Coverage Plan' ,which gives warranty to any kind of problems including user-fault issues, won't be usable in Turkey. Because of this, I didn't buy the 'Accidental Coverage Plan'. I know that my problem is also user-fault. However, I cannot pay this amount of money which will be like I bought only ONE G-751 paying TWO G-751 prices. Is there anything to do in order to deal with this problem or do you suggest anything? Otherwise I won't be able to use this perfect gaming device again.
Thank you.

01-28-2016, 09:30 PM
I would suggest you just suck it up and accept your loss and get an G752, I believe that is Asus policy that ADD is only State Side regardless, you don't have it ,so are you going to go ahead and upgrade and make yourself feel better about the extra money or repair and feel bad about it.
Otherwise I have no Idea about Turkey but here in the states it might be covered by your home owners insurance or if your in business perhaps your business Insurance could be some help. Usually not since Deductibles would be as much or more that the repair or replacement.