View Full Version : Will "Overclocking" G75VW monitor beyond 60Hz have any long lasting side effects?

01-28-2016, 05:55 PM
I posted this in the hardware/overclocking section, but no replies yet. What are your thoughts on oc'ing a laptop monitor (increasing refresh rate). I've got a G75VW laptop with a 1080p 60Hz Chi Mei monitor. I can overclock it using Nvidia control panel to 72Hz without skipping any frames (I tested this). There is a noticeable improvement in smoothness. Just moving the mouse cursor is so much more fluid...
However, does anybody know if this has any long lasting side effects on the LCD panel? Don't want to kill my monitor...

The Cool Dude
01-29-2016, 05:39 PM
Hi There.

Didn't know that you could do that! In any case I did some checking online and it appears that pushing a monitor beyond it's default does not damage the monitor at all.


You will know when its to high cause you will see lines on your screen..But most monitors with multiple inputs will skip frames after 70hz..Just drag a window around your screen to see if it is smoother or more jerky then 60hz..If it is worse then you are frame skipping..

01-29-2016, 07:37 PM
I already did a frame skipping test with my camera. I used this online test:

I can turn it up to 72Hz, no artifacts and no frame skipping. 72Hz is a mulitple of 24, so good for watching movies as well. Just wondering if anyone here has any long-term experience with overclocking the refresh rate.