View Full Version : G751JY-DB73X compared to my previous G751JT-TH71.. 0db fan mode?

01-30-2016, 10:25 PM
So I recently upgraded from a G751JT (pre-Gsync, 970M) to a G751JY-DB73X (980m gsync with 4870HQ)

Noticed that the fans on my old unit would stay around 2200rpm and be very quiet.. it would take a lot of load for them to ramp up to anything more.. And barely get louder even in the most intense of hardcore graphics games.. My old unit is running BIOS 211 (latest)

Now my newer DB73X, also running latest BIOS 211.. Actually turns the fans completely OFF under light load.. GPU and CPU both will turn completely off.. but the issue is when loads kick in, the fans will ramp up to 3000+ rpms (both GPU and CPU) and the entire unit is crazy loud compared to my old..

The strange thing to me is that ALL G751JY users use the same bios.. So why haven't I read about people saying the JY will turn fans off under light load? Everything I read is that 2200rpms FULLTIME on the CPU side.. and GPU will turn off..

The 970M JT model runs SO QUIET under max loads.. whereas this JY model is annoyingly loud (reviewers are saying the JY is the quietest 980M laptop out there, I find that hard to believe compared to the 970M model which is pretty much barely louder than idle under max loads.

What's going on here? Are the fans supposed to turn off on the JY? I don't really want to use Notebook Fan Control to keep this thing quiet, I didn't need to on my JT model, it was always quiet..

I flashed all BIOS from 202 to 211 and all act the same way on my JY.. The fans will turn completely off. Maybe my EC has an issue? Is there a way to reset the EC (embedded controller) on these units?