View Full Version : [HELP] G771JW not charging battery

02-01-2016, 06:54 PM
Hi there,
I have g771jw one day I left it plugged in charging and left, returned after 2h and it was dead. No leds, doesnt turn on, not a sound. Hard resets ect didnt helped so i though im screwed and left it be. In the morning it turned on, but battery ain't charging, ac adapter works just after plugging in and out few times.
Also I get lag at games which run smooth before this. Tried chargint with other asus charger 19V but amps are lower 4.7 mine is 6.32, laptop works but aint charging battery, showing calculating.
Anyone maybe had something similar? Might it be software fault? I can't return it to warranty for another month since i'm not in my home country atm.
Thanks in advance