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02-04-2016, 04:44 PM
Asus Tweak Removal tool . Deleted My C Drive when I used it. Completed wiped the C Drive , Asus Tweak tool worked on one of my Asus Laptops , But On My 2nd Asus Laptop it Completed Deleted The C Drive, Major Bug In Asus Tweak Removal Tool
SEVERE "asus gpu tweakII removal tool" (format-like) BUG
as by title, yesterday i encountered a serious bug that actually "formatted" the entire disk. here's what's happened:

1- launched the tool "remove the gpu tweakII?" yes
tool removed

2- re-launched as administrator "remove * *? i thought, "what?" but i'd already "okeyd" it.
after a few seconds the os continued on running but everything was being deleted, almost instantly. 95% of the space was freed.

luckly, the secondary hdd was still locked (bitlocker) and i had (almost) everything backed-up online. i then realized that that "* *" was "all" in IT language.. like "delete *.*" which means delete everything.

now, ASUS, what the hell of a programmer did write that tool? do you even realize what happened? i had to format and reinstall EVERYTHING, plus, personal videos which were not yet backed up went MIA.

what am i supposed to do now? i don't even know why i downloaded that tool in first place, as "geek uninstaller" is almost the perfect uninstaller/cleaner tool out there. i really hope that i'll be able to recover that videos as they're part of my life's memory

02-06-2016, 08:06 PM
Why would you run it again if it already removed what you needed?

Once the damage was done, you should've powered down the machine and made sure not to write to it anymore. You probably overwrote what you needed to keep by re-installing Windows and everything else.


02-06-2016, 08:55 PM
Its an error in the Asus Tweak Removal Tool. Re Read whats posted above , u misunderstand. Tweak Removal Tool Has Been Removed From all Asus Download sites. Tweak Removal tool was run only once.

02-08-2016, 05:06 AM
I understood your post to say "I launched the removal tool and it removed the item. I then re-launched the removal tool as administrator and I wasn't paying attention to the dialog that asked if I wanted to delete *.* and clicked yes"