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02-04-2016, 07:22 PM
I am not sure if it is appropriate to ask here however I am looking to purchase a new laptop.

I do like the new copper/silver look very more sleek. However, since my last 3 notebooks have been the black and red I can still live with that.

I am currently looking at the g752-VY (DH72) but am trying to figure out what exactly would be point other than aesthetic look to purchasing over the g751-JY (WH71WX) that is almost 1000$ cheaper, (budget isn't an issue.)

Games I play -
A Mix of everything from FFXIV - Smite - HotS - Fallout 4 - newer Tomb Raider - AC - Syndicate - Wildstar etc

Looking just to see which would be better option of having smooth fps gameplay with reduced stutter/better graphical equation with lower heat then this machine with a 860 I have being cannon fodder.

02-04-2016, 07:53 PM
G752-VY up to date technology , a must is GTX980 if money is no issue buy the best G752-VY

02-04-2016, 08:46 PM
This is quite the dilemma but not quite an accurate comparison. The WX series is the last to be introduced and includes stripped to bare minimum components, my guess was just to use up stock they have laying around before they discontinue it completely. If you want to compare a G751 model the Top dog would be more apples for apples to the G752 DH72. There is a lesser version of the G752VY being the RH71 that retails for $1999 and is more comparable to the WX series.

If you match specs on the two other than the obvious CPU difference the benchmark differences are virtually nil at his point. Only real difference in the G752 with the 6700 and DDR 4 consume less power. If money is no object then go for the flagship G752 with 8GB VRAM. That one will set you back $3499. If you are patient and look for deals you can cut your costs substantially. I was watching for the G751 flagship to drop substantially in price but that never happened. What did happen was Costco ran a special the knocked me right off the fence and I picked up the G752VY DH 72 for $1999 that also includes an additional year of warranty.

With all that being said one is new technology that's supports NVMe technology as well as faster stock RAM and other evolving technology that will most likely improve as drivers evolve to catch up. The other is old news and as good as it is going to get.

02-04-2016, 09:25 PM
Thanks for the input, I was thinking that the g751 (wx) was a deal too good to be true so to speak. The 980m in it is tempting for that price (some sites at 1570$) but was on fence thinking it would be rma'd or just not the best quality of product.

I'll be keeping an eye out on the g752 (dh72) atm the price is down to 2300$ ish where I'll be purchasing, but I can wait if prices have dropped below 2k before. Sales are always a good thing, that way I can purchase more games.

Is the 8g vram really worth the extra 1000$?

02-04-2016, 11:10 PM
Well you get another 256GB SSD, 32GB ram more and the 6820HK CPU.

I gave that one a long thought and decided to pass. As of now nothing is using the 8GB VRAM, I always change the stock ram and SSDs out and the CPUs only advantage is its unclocked if you want to give over clocking a go. At stock speeds it's a little faster but benchmarks vary depending on what it is you are benching. In the end at stock speeds the difference is really not significant. Some report the 6700 better by a small margin and other a report the 6820 better by a small margin. Like I said? Any gain would be in the fact that it's unlocked. Just be aware that unlocked doesn't mean you will get any significant stable over clock out of it.

02-05-2016, 10:48 AM
What proof do you have that the WX series is made of cheaper components?

After some googling it doesn't seem any different to the DH models except for price. But that is not evidence of cheaper components.

02-05-2016, 08:18 PM
I can understand how they would use up excess parts to create the WX line. Justinthyme has been a big help to me reading his posts so thanks man! But I'm in the same boat as original post... I can get an upgraded WX (ram + SSD) for less than a 752 of any variety. Is there ANY other plus to owning a 752 other than newer drivers being released and the processor? I'm a sucker for the black\red combo :P

02-05-2016, 10:30 PM
What proof do you have that the WX series is made of cheaper components?

After some googling it doesn't seem any different to the DH models except for price. But that is not evidence of cheaper components.

Where in my words did you see any mention of cheaper? What I said was bare minimum which is hard fact, no arguements to be presented.

Has the same motherboard, case, battery and GPU. My comparison said the flagship model which is the only one that compares apples to apples with the G752 DH72

So lets take a moment to compare those, as as stated the GPU is the same.
WX has 4720 DB73x has 4870
WX has 16GB DB73x has 32GB
wx has 128GB PM951 SSD DB73x has 512GB SSD
optical drive
WX has DVD rom db73X has Bluray

So are they very different and the WX made at a much lower price point than any other model in the line up for every single G751 whether it be the JL, JT or JY ? That would be a resounding YES!

The proof is in the specs
look them up

As for pricing, once you upgrade it to the same as the DH72 spec wise you are at the DB73x model which is currently going for more than the G752VY DH72.

Pricing and aesthetics aside, if you compare the performance of two that are identically equipped in GPU, SSD (as close as you can get because the G751 does not support NVMe so it will fall behind here) and RAM they difference are negligible.

Like ive said before I was at the same cross road waiting for a significant price drop in the G751 and it never happened, instead a $600 under MSRP sale at costco on the G752VY DH72 slapped me in the face for $1999 and an extra year of warranty.

02-06-2016, 07:57 PM
I picked up a G751JT-WH7(WX< this means ships with Windows 10) for ~$1200. It got me an i7-4720hq, 16gb DDR3 a GTX970m 3gb and G-Sync. Going to a 980m would've cost another ~$400, though it included a "128gb SSD"; not worth the price jump.

A G752VT-DH72 has a Skylake i7-6700hq, 16gb DDR4 and GTX970m 3gb, with a 128gb PCIe SSD and 1tb spinner. It costs $450 more than my G751JT did. If you want a 980m and Skylake, you get bumped up to the G752-VY - which is $2400. It does include 32gb ram and a 256gb SSD though.

If you ask me, the G751 is the better buy, unless you have money to burn and you REALLY like the copper and silver.