View Full Version : strix 7.1 bass/treble control?

02-05-2016, 06:29 PM
Hi there im having an issue with my asus strix 7.1 headset, basically the headset is great for directional awareness but unfortunately it has to much bass and not enough treble for me to hear things clearly, iv tried all the presets with no avail also turned down/off the sub on the amp still nothing? does anyone have any good ideas to change the bass and treble on this headset on win7? done some research and with win7 you can change the bass and treble in sound settings but with this headset the option is not there. I was thinking of getting some 3rd party software to tweak the sound on the headset, I just don't know any simple easy to use software to use. If nobody can help me I will have to just rma them and just get a decent 2.1 headset as 7.1 nor virtual 7.1 suits me :(