View Full Version : Which Samsung Pro M.2 SSD combination is best for a G752VL

02-06-2016, 10:35 PM
The G752VL notebook doesn't come with any SSD drives ,just a single 1T HDD. I want to purchase an SSD for the OS and programs and leave the HDD for backup. I think there could be a speed advantage of using 2 X SSD drive with raid over a single drive but have never tested this myself, so I have a choice of 2 X Samsung Pro SSD 256GB M.2 drives (MZ-V5P256BW) or a single Samsung Pro SSD 512GB (MZ-V5P512BW) drive.

Which would be the best combination the 512 or 2 X 256GB drives.

Thanks, W.

02-07-2016, 03:02 AM
Your G752VL will not support these drives in Raid. This has been a complaint for quite some time with this series of why have a raid controller that wont support raid. Im fairly sure it has something to do with getting NVMe to work in its infancy with these machines. If you look the latest BIOS for the VT model actually lets you disable the IRST in the BIOS and install the Samsung Magician and Samsung drivers if thats what you want. I havent seen any gain in performance with it over stock drivers though. Seems that it may make a fresh install easier if you don't have to worry about drivers during the install but no one has posted up whether or not that's the case yet. Ive seen the results of raid0 on desktop platforms that support it and you do get some increase in speed but not as much as much as you would think. Non raid with both the Samsung and native windows drivers the drives are doing 2400-2500MBps sequential read and in raid 0 only in the 3000MBps range with 2 in a striped array and maxing out at 3500MBps with 3 in a striped array. Certainly not like the old days where 2 drives in a striped array pretty much was double the speed. Its a gain but IMO not a gain that is worth the risk of a raid 0 array. Lose one drive, you lost everything.

02-07-2016, 08:34 AM
Thanks, sounds like the 512GB should do the job with the added benefit of the possibility of adding another drive down the road if needed.

Just been reading this page (see link below) and perhaps I've misunderstood but in one of the graphics it shows RAID in the bios drop-down menu for a G752VL which is the same model as mine. Can you explain what that is referring too?

Many thanks, W.


02-07-2016, 03:02 PM
Yes it shows raid but there is no raid configuration. Thats been the complaint.