View Full Version : ROG g752vy-78 - Best way to run multiple monitors?

02-08-2016, 01:49 AM
Just got my top of the line g752vy-78 and wondering how others are setting up their laptop to run two or three monitors to be the most effective. Setting up two right now to start and both are 4k Samsung panels. Will use the HDMI port for one and micro port for the other. Went to Micro Center today seeking a thunderbolt hub as I thought running one port off of the 10Gig port would likely be best. They had nothing. So, for those that have been doing this a while, what is the best way and why?

Thanks! Galen Kelch.

02-08-2016, 03:37 AM
Just be aware that while this is a top of the line laptop the 980m graphics card is not near the performance of a desktop GTX 980. A couple of 1080p monitors would be taxing on the graphics. A single 4K display will tax it. Trying to push three of them is a bit more than it can handle I'm afraid. If your desired set up was to primarily run 3 4K monitors a desktop with 2 GTX 980s in SLI would have not only worked a lot better but could have been built for less.