View Full Version : Is there any good ROG XG2 info out there?

02-14-2016, 01:59 AM
I'm buying a new laptop soon(this week) and I was going just replace my G73 with a G751 but then I visited a relative who has an Alienware 15" with the external graphics amplifier and I was amazed at the performance increase. As I already have a 980 sitting on the shelf it definitely shifted my purchase decision. Just as I was about to order the Alienware I ran across the ROG XG2 which caused me to not order until I researched it a bit more, but unfortunately info about it seems pretty scarce. I would much rather have Asus and would hate to buy the Alienware if indeed this is a product that will release. On the other hand I'd hate to anticipate the XG2 and buy an Asus only to find out they decided not to release it or the laptop I choose isn't compatible.

02-14-2016, 04:13 AM
Asus CES2016 XG2 Video second video is an Asus Graphic Card Department Rep

The design Specs are not set yet
Lets hope the XG2 from asus has both options for either thunderbolt or 2 type c connections.
if the XG2 uses 2 type C Connections many new Gaming laptops will not be compatible