View Full Version : GL752VW + Window 10 x64 - problems anyone ?

02-15-2016, 12:11 PM

I have just bought a GL752VW and i have several issues that kind of drive me nuts so if anybody has any input for any of them, thank you very much.

A) First of all the colors seem quite intense and dark ... i had an old Assus with very nice colors so i am not at all pleased by this one from this POV. I tried several programs to adjust colors and brightness/contrast and in the end i managed to get to some status that i can live with but is far from what i wanted. Issue is that the color range is very dark so in order to see the color i have to bring the brightness up, but if i do that all becomes very intense on the screen and i get dizzy ... The best i found to calibrate the colors was pstrip and http://www.phototopics.net/pt_gamma/.
Anybody has the same issues with GL752 or found better programs to calibrate colors/contrast ?

B) The Intel is keeping my frequency to 60Hz. Yes i know there are a lot of guys that say 60 is enough, pls do not reply if you are one of them, i am not interested in a thread discussion on this topic.
I tried the CRU but still cannot see the custom refresh rates that i define with them. Have no clue why ... Any idea ? I tried even in 1600x900 but is not working regardless what frequency are you in.

C) Many games do not work anymore for various reasons. This is actually the biggest pain.

C1) Unreal 2004 - it is getting installed but after that when i try to start it says it cannot find the cd. I have the image and is mounted (do not have the original CD cause i copied it on the HDD so not sure if with original cd could work - still searching for the original :) ) - Any idea why this can happen ?

C2) Brood is getting installed but when to start it crashes with some memory fault. That if i let it run as "Windows 7". If i chose windows 98 then i get same issue as in C1 - no CD found. The CD is original.

C3) DOS Box does not work at all. It installs, starts, but i do not get a prompt ... so i cannot do anything with it.

Actually the only game that still works from what i had (no new stuff tried) only Panzer III worked and that with a big patch patch in the left upper part of the screen

I am trying now to reinstall Windows as 32 bit, hoping the issues from (C) come from the x64 versions, but i do not have high hopes. If anybody has any idea of what i can try or encountered the same or other issues, pls reply


02-15-2016, 11:30 PM
Do youhave Windows Update KB3086255 installed? If so, that may be one of the problems with the CD's not working. I have not tried DosBox on Win10 yet, but it works fine on Win7 64-bit just fine.

Just checked DosBox in Win10 64-bit on my GL552VW and it works fine. Using DFend Frontend (installs Dosbox) using D-Fend-Reloaded-1.4.4-Setup

02-16-2016, 10:11 PM
nope this KD is for win8 from what i see, win 10 should have it
I have booted windows 7 and all works ok there even the colors are better, unfortunately i have no drivers for my laptop, the cd came for win 10 only (nasty surprise) so next task is find drivers for win7 :)

02-16-2016, 11:36 PM
If you have it, get rid of it. Not sure if you can with Windows 10. It prevents older games from working, unless you have cracked them to work without the disc.


02-16-2016, 11:54 PM
Outside of the issues with copyright protections I can offer you advice on the color. There is no software that can calibrate the display without a means of actually measuring the colors. I learned this long ago with doing color corrections on an uncalibrated monitor and wondering why it looked good there but looks like crap once it's printed.
Xrite color munki makes multiple solutions so when your display is calibrated its really calibrated and displayed exactly what is put into it.