View Full Version : What's the best NVIDIA driver for the G751JL?

02-15-2016, 08:08 PM
When I play my game, Aion Online (max settings), it flickers kinda bad, goes black, an sometimes I see random lines across. Also, I've experienced problems with the Desktop icons (not shadowed when selected). This is happening to me with the latest NVIDIA Driver 361.91 and the previous 361.75 too. It didn't happen with 361.43 release though. So, now I'm back to the 354.35, which is pretty stable.

My question is: what driver version are you guys using that is stable and more recent than the 354.35? I'm attaching a screenshot of what I am experiencing in game. BTW, this doesn't happen with the Valley benchmark. Only with my game and with the Windows 10 Desktop icons.