View Full Version : My GL551JW-DS71 laptop's backlight is not working?

02-16-2016, 06:02 PM
I was having a hard time seeing the keys and I noticed the backlights were off. I have no reasoning for whythis might've happened.
It's a ASUS GL551JW-DS71 Laptop, and I'm running windows 10. It's about two months old now.
I have downloaded and installed the latest APK package available at the asus website. I have restarted the laptop and sill not working.
On restart the backlights do come on be then turn off, I keep pressing the Fn + backlight brighten key (F4) and it's just not working.
It's completely shut off and I have no clue why. Can anyone lend a hand? perhaps give me some insight on what might've happened?
Also I should note I haven't bumped, scratched, or dropped it, even a tiny bit since I've bought it.