View Full Version : G752vy - FHD or UHD on 17inch?

02-17-2016, 11:17 AM
I'm having the opportunity to order g752 vy with FHD or UHD screen.

I know that playing UHD is not to be considered; I'll create a "play profile" in FHD.

My question is about: quality and capability of reading the texts and menus in day to day life & surfing.

If I'm not capable of reading confortably, I'll change to FDH also for day to day usages but:

1 - Will it be blurry or, since the ratio is perfect from UHD to FHD (4 pixels for 1), will it be as good as regular FHD? Under windows menu? Under games?

2- Does upscaling FHD on a UHD screen have a negative effect on the fps, or is it the same?

I don't mind buying FHD over UHD if UHD is just a pain in the @ss that has negative impact and needs to be always tweaked to FHD to be readable.

Thanks for the advices, flo

02-17-2016, 11:03 PM
IMO UHD on a laptop is overkill. I had a surface pro for a short time that could not be read in high Res. Words too tiny. Add to that the drop in performance of the GPU trying to run that many pixels and it's a no brainer.

02-17-2016, 11:30 PM
UHD from me as well, no point in that many pixels on this screen imo
I do use the 980's 4 gigs of video ram for DSR on my G751, though. Doesn't affect performance too noticeably.

02-18-2016, 12:49 PM
ok, so uhd on a 17 inch is too tiny to be confortable. I suspected as much but never saw it by mself so... thanks for confirming that.
Thing is, it's sales here and the uhd one is cheaper than the fhd one. (don't ask me why...)
So I though about running the uhd in regular fhd . But, will it be blurry? is running fhd on a uhd screen exactly the same quality than regular fhd??

02-18-2016, 01:52 PM
In my experience, FHD looks better on a UHD screen than FHD does on a FHD screen.
This is mostly related to TVs, though, that have decent quality upscalers.