View Full Version : G750JW hard drive failing

02-17-2016, 03:45 PM
Hello, I am the owner of a two year old G750JW laptop that is no longer on warranty.

In the past weeks I have been investigating issues where one of the hard drives (the one with the windows install on, the C: & F:) would lock up at 100% active time while seemingly doing nothing, no writing no reading. Some occasional bad sounds coming from the hard drive and SMART data returning bad sectors suggests that the hard drive is slowly failing. Meanwhile, the second hard drive (which was really only used to store some data) is going at it perfectly.

What I was wondering is if, instead of replacing the slowly failing drive, it was possible to exploit the fact this laptop came with two drives to simply format and reinstall windows on the fine hard drive. I never really needed two drives, so working with just one is fine by me. If possible, I am looking to find how to do this without potentially screwing up everything :P. I assume that performing a reset to factory default would simply reinstall everything on the failing drive, which wouldn't help in anything.

If people could grant some insight on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated! If you need further information, just ask.

02-17-2016, 07:41 PM
Just remove the drive you don't need, leave the other one in. Then burn ISO of Windows and put it on USB. In bios set the boot priority to USB and then install Windows on your disk.