View Full Version : G771JW power/motherboard problems should i switch to G751JT

02-19-2016, 04:47 PM
I have G771JW for 5months and now it started...
Firstly I left laptop turned on and when I come back after 2hours it was off, no signs of life no leds, no sound nothing. After a day it turned on. Didn't took bios battery couse it's deep.
After that battery isn't charging at all, also games which ran flawless now lags. Power adapter is also strange sometimes it shows 8V output sometimes 19V, but now most of the time it works at first try. Tried diferrent charger with 4.74A 19V not 6.32A still no charging.
Now charging led is starting to blink after sometime (earlier ir was always on, os showing not charging).
Atm I'm not in my country, but after a week I'm going to service and will try to get my money back and look for other. Hardware is enough for me only lacked ssd which I was planning to buy. Now I'm thinking that a better cooling sistem would be nice since G771jw started throttling at 85C, not really noticable and maybe bios update lets get it hotter before throttling.

TL;DR I'm looking at G751JT is it worth swap? How is GTX970M 3GB vram (not sure which gen) compared to GTX960M 4gb vddr5