View Full Version : Please help, rog g752 gaming center hardware monitor display issue

02-20-2016, 06:23 PM
I owned an asus g752 about 4 months ago.. at first the gaming center is showing all the readings, form cpu core selections,cpu temp, cpu freq. but now its not showing anything.. i tried reinstalling the application but it didnt change anything.. im running the preinstalled windows 10 64 bit.. hope you can help me.

02-20-2016, 06:44 PM
I tried in vain to solve this then it started working again after I did a complete factory reset and started over. There are other applications that show the same information like HW info, cpuz hardware monitor etc. I prefer cpuz hardware monitor as it shows just what I need and has a min/max function.


02-22-2016, 12:15 PM
Meaning this can never be solve? i mean AGC is a bad ass.. i dont know any app that has the same interface as this one.

02-22-2016, 03:35 PM
It can be solved as mentioned with a factory reset that I know of. I had the same problem and did not check it along the way and honestly never used it because it has no min/max. I just noted it not working when I opened the app to turn off the LED lightbar and saw nothing registered and tried restore options, reinstalling the app etc with no success and left it at that. I had to do a reset for other reasons then went to turn the lightbar off again and noted it was working again.

Like I said I prefer the CPUID HW monitor that show much more and logs min/max and cab save the data to a txt file.

02-27-2016, 02:27 AM
oh, thanks for the advise, i had installed many steam games.. it would be hard to have factory reset again.. the updates, the installations, so much things to do

03-08-2017, 10:49 AM
I have a similar problem...no matter how much i load the cpu it only shows -2700...I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Gaming Center to no avail...i wonder...have you found out what was the problem?

03-21-2017, 03:44 PM
A little late but...
(This should help your issue to see the information in the Gaming Center again...if installed properly)

It might be better to use the version of the Gaming Center provided with the system...such as that in the eSupport folder...don't use the newer version from the support page (Unless you want too).

So, if you want to install the original Gaming Center...completely uninstall the Gaming Center and reinstall the Gaming Center from that in the eSupport folder.

Also, you can use the Live Install program from the eSupport file to install software/drivers as well.
Note: These are the original versions that ship and get installed with the system.

If you use Gaming Center it would be a good idea to update/install this as well...but make sure to check if you have a newer version installed or not beforehand.

Version V1.0.3

Turbo Gear Updater
Turbo Gear Updater is used to optimize ROG Gaming Centeroverclocking configuration.
Notice: System need a reboot to apply the configuration update.

File Size
66.92 KBytes update 2016/11/17

Download from (http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/G701VI/TurboGearUpdater_VER103.zip?_ga=1.143726204.899664 999.1489433803)
http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/G701VI/TurboGearUpdater_VER103.zip?_ga=1.143726204.899664 999.1489433803 (http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/G701VI/TurboGearUpdater_VER103.zip?_ga=1.143726204.899664 999.1489433803)