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02-22-2016, 08:09 PM
Hello All,

First, I admit I do not know if I have posted this in the correct Forum or not. I have a G751JL-DS71 with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 956M Display Adapter, so I assumed I could post in the G751 series Forum. If I posted in wrong location, please direct me to the more appropriate forum.

Second, I am having difficulty in explaining the problem and therefore cannot find relevant replies either from Google searches or searches in this forum. Essentially, the past couple of days my "screen" will not wake up after sleeping/hibernating. I push the "power" button as normal, I receive the ROG splash screen, my keyboard lights turn on, I hear the HDD spin up, then the screen goes black, keyboard lights finally turn off, and HDD is silent. I have tried hitting several keys, tapping Touch Pad, anything to indicate I want the laptop to to wake up. On a couple of occasions, I have been able to get the screen to respond by CTRL-ALT-DEL. Other times I have to perform a hard reboot/shut-down.

I believe the problem started shortly after the most recent NVIDIA upgrade. Exact timing of install and start of problem is fuzzy; I had an unexpected stay at the hospital so the past week or so is a bit of a blur. I do not not know what information is necessary to help analyze this, so I included Device Manager the NVIDIA System Informaton below.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated. My laptop is new (SEP 2015) and I have less than 200 hours on this laptop.



Device Manager has the following Info:
Driver Date: 02-08-2016
Driver Version:

NVIDIA System Information report created on: 02/22/2016 13:36:58
System name: EDDY--ASUS

Operating System: Windows 8.1, 64-bit
DirectX version: 11.0
GPU processor: GeForce GTX 965M
Driver version: 361.91
Direct3D API version: 11.2
Direct3D feature level: 11_1
CUDA Cores: 1024
Core clock: 924 MHz
Memory data rate: 5010 MHz
Memory interface: 128-bit
Memory bandwidth: 80.16 GB/s
Total available graphics memory: 4096 MB
Dedicated video memory: 2048 MB GDDR5
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 2048 MB
Video BIOS version: 84.04.2B.00.14
IRQ: Not used
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen3
Device Id: 10DE 13D9 171D1043
Part Number: 2724 0010


NvGFTrayPluginr.dll NVIDIA GeForce Experience
NvGFTrayPlugin.dll NVIDIA GeForce Experience
nvui.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdsync.exe NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdplcy.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdbat.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdapix.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
NVCPL.DLL NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvCplUIR.dll 8.1.820.0 NVIDIA Control Panel
nvCplUI.exe 8.1.820.0 NVIDIA Control Panel
nvWSSR.dll NVIDIA Workstation Server
nvWSS.dll NVIDIA Workstation Server
nvViTvSR.dll NVIDIA Video Server
nvViTvS.dll NVIDIA Video Server
NVSTVIEW.EXE NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer
NVSTTEST.EXE NVIDIA 3D Vision Test Application
nvDispSR.dll NVIDIA Display Server
NVMCTRAY.DLL NVIDIA Media Center Library
nvDispS.dll NVIDIA Display Server
PhysX 09.15.0428 NVIDIA PhysX
nvGameSR.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
nvGameS.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server

02-23-2016, 01:12 PM
Not sure if that's the case but maybe worthwhile you a check, did you try to disable Fast Startup ?
Control Panel->Choose what the power buttons do->tap on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable'->uncheck 'Turn on fast startup'.

Disabling fast startup has fixed a number of problems to me and I see no startup time delay at all.

02-23-2016, 06:02 PM
Holy YELLOW batman. I didnt even bother reading that repulsive blinding contrast and immediately scrolled down to save a headache and trauma.

Edit out that yellow and Ill come back and try to help.

02-26-2016, 04:19 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that and see if this helps. - EG

02-26-2016, 04:22 PM
JustinThyme, My apologies. These Old Marine eyes need a little contrast at times. In fairness, it did not appear that bright on my tablet, but seeing it on my laptop, well, I have fishing lures that are not that bright.

Any help or suggestions, are appreciated.