View Full Version : Mapping Extra Keys on ASUS GX800 Gaming Mouse Not Working

02-24-2016, 06:42 AM
Hey Guys,
Sry for posting this here but no one would answer in the related forum...



So guys.. the issue is this

I got the GX800 Along with my purchase of ROG G751JY.

The issue is that the 4th and 5th button (on the left side where you place your thumb) are not detected in games.

I tried setting macros and they work in text files eg. if i set it to press the key 'g' then it would type "ggggggggg"(i wrote that with the mouse pressing the button multiple times).

Bt it doesn't perform the action that is set to 'g' in the game.

I felt this need for the first time while playing Dark Souls 2 scholar of the first sin, i wanted to assign heavy right / left attacks to these buttons, while disabling double click and keep the primary mouse button for light attacks.

I mapped the keys in the setting to g and y for left and right heavy attacks respectively. and set the micros for the same in the mouse application (i downloaded the latest one v2.00.030).

As i said ... it types the letter when I'm in a text field, but doesn't do it when i'm in the game.

Has anybody encountered this? if yes did you find a solution??