View Full Version : wierd 980m performance ..!? same fps as g750 780m ?

02-25-2016, 12:16 PM
I was playing with a friend who own a g750 780m asus latop this morning .. i had 56 fps playing h1z1 and he had the same freaking fps as me .. !?!?!? i mean really ? he have same video setup config as me ... how can that be possible !!! ???

02-25-2016, 12:39 PM
Not weird, it depend many factor.
OS, Drivers, Engine Options (There is also often a default lock 60fps inside some game engine), if vsync is enabled, it won't go over 60fps if have a frame lock but the problem is mainly H1Z1 itself, Forgelight is a bad engine at this point and even more for online, also the PhysX was badly introduced and depending the part where you are, you can face serious frame drop but this is caused by repetitive assets that are often unnecessary, the engine struggle in terms of environment in general.
You should try a different game with a more advanced engine and compare.