View Full Version : Which 3D monitor for the laptop (HDMI)?

02-28-2016, 02:24 PM

Firstly I am not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this question. But since ROG laptop owners are the ones going to view this I am going to ask anyway.

I have a two year old ROG G750JX. I recently played games in 3D on my friends Samsung 3DTV over HDMI. I really liked it, so I want to buy a a 3D monitor (Not TV) for my laptop. I have searched a lot on internet about which monitor would be suitable. My understanding is most monitors support 3D over dual link DVI and not over HDMI. I understand HDMI because of its low bandwidth is not capable of sending Full HD at 120Hz. But I wouldn't mind that as my laptop is probably not capable of pushing 120 frames at full HD. I would probably stick to 1280X720.

I just wanted to know what is my best option

1. Find a monitor that supports 3D over HDMI. (Can you please name a few monitors)
2. Look for some mini display port to display port converter or mini display port to dual link DVI (I am not sure if my laptop supports 3D over mini display port)

Can somebody help me in figuring out the right 3D monitor for my laptop.

Best Regards