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03-01-2016, 08:40 AM
every time i try to boot from usb by override boot in bios, the g751 want boot from ssd by using microsoft bootloader... which option i must deactivate to boot from stick? or is it a problem by gpt partition? have no idea! have used rufus to create but isnt work. before i used every time unetbootin but also not working.
please give me a sign :confused:

03-01-2016, 09:25 AM
hi warryabel,
If you indeed press F8 and choose other device during POST, then it is one of two things:
A. if your "microsoft bootloader" sits on a GPT formatted drive, then your laptop uses UEFI ( aka CSM option in bios is OFF ).
In order to load a legacy device ( a non UEFI supported bootloader on the USB ) you need to temporary enable CSM option in BIOS ( aka turn on legacy BIOS mode ).
B. if your "microsoft bootloader" sits on a MBR formatted drive - then DISABLE CSM option in BIOS to ALLOW your USB ( which must support UEFI boot through some .efi file ) to boot.

it all depends on the state of CSM bios option and the type of bootloader that sits on the USB - they need to be compatible to each other, i.e CSM disable with USB that supports UEFI boot etc...

03-01-2016, 09:47 AM
was simpel,thx first i must disable secureboot-enable csm-now can choose to boot and work but have no fastboot or im false? win8 start with other bootpicture!?

03-01-2016, 10:15 AM
win8/8.1 is similar to win10 with it splash screen and its installation screen ( up untill the laptop reboots into the OS before you need to config your user ).
and about secure boot & fastboot - yeah... you might need to disable it inorder to enable CSM, as they're UEFI unique features.

BUT before you continue - I suggest you read my guide about windows installation using UEFI - as UEFI & GPT has many good features Vs legacy bios & MBR - see my dig for a link, or search for it as it is one of the sticky threads in the 1st page of this sub-forum.
I encourage you to debate the "windows installation" topic in that thread - so others can learn as well from your questions/mistakes etc..

03-01-2016, 10:22 AM
i dont want install win8/10 wanna have kodi on stick but live kodi says it need a graphicdriver and shutdown.
at moment no question only one, if i change in rufus for only gpt the the os must be compatibel with gpt in live modus correct?

03-01-2016, 10:46 AM
A. Kodi is an app, not a hole OS, although the XBMC foundation does offers a "kodi OS", AFAIK, which is android/linux based.

B. these kind of OSs usually works best on Intel internal GPU, as NVIDA and ATI cards needs special support from the OS ( like nouveau for nvidia )

C. inorder to boot an OS you need a bootloader, which in turn needs to support either Legacy BIOS or UEFI ( some bootloader such as famous GRUB supports both bootloading types, but a configuation in advanced is needed ).
So once again, UEFI boot should be your priority as it had much better features then legacy bios.
accordingly you should format your USB as GPT instead of MBR - but THE HOLE STORY is correct only if the USB's BOOTLOADER SUPPORTS UEFI boot!

D. as I dealt with many different OS images, different bootloaders - sometimes the reason that you cannot boot the OS-on-the-USB is because miss configuration of the bootloader with the correct switches during boot.
for example, when you boot Ubuntu on an nvidia GPU based computer, you might find out that you need to add the "nomodeset" switch inorder to get a working screen ( otherwise you'll end up with only console based screen instead of the normal expacted GUI of ubuntu ).
Thus, I suggest you debate about "kodi OS" in a specialized forum for that OS, as "kodi OS" community might have more specific knowledge about your issue.

C. if you want kodi - I suggest you try REMIX OS (http://www.xda-developers.com/remix-os-for-pc-exits-alpha-enters-beta-brings-exciting-news-with-it/), install Kodi as user app, and have much more then only Kodi on your USB. ( P.S it works partially good on our G751 ( small graphics glitches ), as RemixOS is designed to work on Intel based GPUs )

03-01-2016, 11:16 AM
normally it shoud give in live usb the option safeboot or similar but the"kodibuntu" hasnt that! thx for help
ok, on next try i edit startoptions on start an give nomode at the end? remix start without nomode exception?

03-01-2016, 05:54 PM
normally it shoud give in live usb the option safeboot or similar but the "kodibuntu" hasnt that! thx for help
ok, on next try i edit startoptions on start an give nomode at the end? remix start without nomode exception?
wow... m8... hold a min...
Note that I wrote "for example" about ubuntu... it has nothing to do with "KodiOS" in common.
the "switches" are typically kernel and OS pendant ( although i'm not 100% sure for the last part ).
as I state - you should google for the "kodiOS" (or whatever its name it) specific forum/FAQ and ask post there your problems.
The issue you describe is NOT asus, nor ROG, nor G751 dependent, as you need to know two things:
a. can this OS specific version works on Nvidia GPU ( if so which models ? )
b. is so, how? because you clearly need a driver / kernel / boot switch compatibility.

live booting should be something that can be done with 2 clicks, although in some special cases, like yours - it isn't.
The web is full of guides/forums dedicated for USB booting/live OS boot/Kodi etc....
search and read... that is your weapon to succeed.