View Full Version : Upgrading G75VX HDD to SSD?

03-03-2016, 08:47 AM
Is it possible to put an SSD drive into the second bay, move the OS to it from the Hard Drive, then use the SSD as my boot drive and the HDD for mass storage?

03-03-2016, 09:59 AM
Possible. You can even use the optical drive bay as another ssd or hdd drive slot by using a correct size caddy. I just don't know what sata version your drive bays are. You should put the ssd in the highest sata version port.

03-05-2016, 03:04 PM
Yes, it's possible. When I bought my G75VX in 2013 I did just that. I cloned the 1TB HDD onto a new 256GB SSD (which only worked because I had less info on the HDD than the size of the SSD) using a program from EaseUS and changed the boot order and it booted fine from there. I then formatted the HDD to wipe it completely and have been using it that way since.

What was more complicated was moving to a larger 1TB SSD about 3 weeks ago. I did the same thing, cloned the drive onto the new SSD (tho i used Macrium Reflect this time), but it partitioned it so it appeared as a drive the size of the old SSD. It was also unbootable. I created a repair disk using the old SSD and used that to repair the install on the new SSD and then it was bootable. From there I somehow screwed up and got into the BIOS recovery tool while trying to fix the partitioning, and lost power during the BIOS recovery. And that corrupted the BIOS so completely that the only options were swap the motherboard out or unsolder the BIOS chip and solder a new, pre-programmed one on. I made a mess of the unsoldering/soldering process, but managed to fix the mistakes to where it worked again. After that, I turned back to EaseUS for a partitioning program instead of trying to continue with the garbage built in Windows 8 partitioning tool and had the partitioning fixed in about 20 minutes.