View Full Version : Asus G750jx display backlight

03-05-2016, 06:06 AM
So I got the laptop used. It is out of warranty. The laptop was working great for about month. While on a business trip I bumped my laptop slightly and the display backlight would not work. I connected my laptop to an external display and it is working. At first when I had it connected to an external display the laptop displays backlight would work. Finally the backlight stopped working. I looked at the lvd cable from the motherboard to the display and it looked warn. I confirmed that the cables were breaking. I ordered a new cable and replaced that. The backlight was still not working, but I could see that the display was. I could hold a light up to it and see the image. An external display still works. I am still able to game that way so I know the GPU is working. I assumed that the backlight was out and ordered a new display and replaced that. The story is the same though. My question is what could be causing this issue if the display, cable and GPU are all new and working. Why would the display backlight still not work? Could it be something on my mobile like a bad backlight fuse? And help would be great. Thanks.