View Full Version : G550jk for Windows 10 Users

03-08-2016, 07:17 AM
When i first installed Windows 10 i tried to update Intel drivers to latest but intel drivers wouldn't let me from installer, same for choosing find newer drivers in device manager then windows would say i had latest. I had drivers set up like that for few months, tried to play witcher 3 got like 28 fps on lowest settings (uninstalled after one chapted) and frequent fps drops in league of legends. Few days ago i found in device manager that i could force windows to use specific drivers (find newer drivers but then another option out of two) and this time it worked. Updating to newer drivers gave me huge performance boost (yes i know when i run games it uses nvidia graphic card but i guess windows intel drivers had some issues). No more fps drops in league of legends and now i got around 42+fps on lowest in witcher 3 and around 30+ fps on medium (with effects on medium too).

1. I don't take any responsibility for anyone updating drivers this way etc.
2. It worked that way in my case not tested by others.
3. Using 8gb ram

08-21-2016, 05:26 AM
From where did you download the drivers? I'm having an issue with the intel drivers (windows one) not recognizing a second monitor.