View Full Version : Nab is not affiliated in any way with ASUS or ROG

03-15-2016, 06:48 AM
Im writing this to clarify the situation where an individual who works for Asus had falsely claimed that Nab was working for Asus. The truth is that hes not affiliated with Asus or ROG in any way, hes simply a very knowledgeable power user that has spent countless hours helping many users over many forums and has also dedicated a lot of his time on projects like ROG Spark. Hes not on the payroll at Asus so no one from Asus is paying him for his work and hes simply offering his tools and support free of charge.

We should all be very thankful for what Nab has offered this community, so please dont contact him regarding the G-SYNC issue or any matters regarding to ASUS or ROG products as he has nothing do with them. If you have questions regarding his tools like ROG Spark or have other technology related questions which require his expertise, Im sure hell be happy to answer it for you.

Please support Nab by providing feedback for his projects like ROG Spark by leaving your testing feedback on the original thread.