View Full Version : Replaced Lcd screen with some kind of detection problems.

Cunfuu Polac
03-15-2016, 12:51 PM
hey guys I had screen issue like 1 year ago. and thanks to you Rog community I replaced my lcd..
my problem is
I couldnt install same lcd like before. but with I had something with same specs..

So I found ltn173ht02 c01 for 120$ with 1 day shipping
I searched a lot.. I heard it will fit..
and it did. it works well.. 120hz 1080p 3D. 40 pin connector same backlight. actually its same.

but problem is my old screen was ltn173ht02 p01
this lcd made for samsung pc's so asus splendid and 3d. doesnt compare. so they dont work.. I kind'a solved coloring problem but I still cant use 3d.. and I like to use splendid cuz I m desingner as well..

so I dont want pay anymore.. but is there any solution with kind a digital? maybe with some programs or something. I can work with anything but dont wanna spen any more ;_;
and seriously what is diffrence between this lcd monitors.? c01 vs p01?

edit: managed something new. I cant adjust brightness at 120hz. brightness control work only on 60hz