View Full Version : hello guys i have a problem with my Rog g751 jl

03-26-2016, 04:30 PM
so i bought a Rog g751 jl , installed win 10 updated all drivers from asus homepage, and started playing Batman arkham night. My laptop went in to sleep
at first i tought i hit the buton but i didn/t. I unchecked every sleep thing there is , even in Cmd , now it doesn't sleep anymore . it freezez
my screen goes black , the game still works i have to alt tab get out get back in it works and repeat this every 5 -10 minutes cause it crashes
it does this even in gta V , and somethimes even when i watch something on youtube, ....WTF this thing was expensive, i tried stressing out my GPU it didn;t crash
tried alot of drivers , old and new , still the same , please help me . i dont wanna send it back but i will if necesarry. I am From romania, if any of my fellow romanians have a clue , please right a message in romanian
Thanks a bunch friends. Sorry for the long post ...but i am pretty dissapointed .....