View Full Version : G752VY crashing while streaming to XBOX System Video Player

03-28-2016, 08:42 AM
I found another issue on my G752VY-RH71 that I thought needs to be officially logged somewhere.

So, I have some movies on my D: drive. I set them up to stream through the Windows 10 media streaming options. I'm steaming to a xbox 360E official/inherent/native "System Video Player" app.

It works well for a while. However, after the video has been playing/streaming for a while and generally when the laptop screen goes black, the laptop will essentially BSOD and reboot. Then of course I get the source has been lost error message on the XBOX.

I did an analysis of the MEMORY.DMP that it creates using the Debug Analysis Tool from Microsoft and it returns nothing useful.

I've tried turning off sleep mode (and a few other things like moving the videos, chkdsk, unplugging most USB devices, etc.) on the laptop and it still has the issue regardless.

I saw it do it only once when I was streaming to the XBOX and using the laptop at the same time. The mouse got choppy for a second or two... then froze for a minute or so.... then reboots. I'm never actually seeing a BSOD or seeing one in the System Event logs. Just freeze...reboot.

The only warning I can find in the System Event log that seems relevant is Event Id 14104:

"The Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service cannot process the request for URI ' ormatID=90' from IP address '' due to error '0xc00d1906'."

Google doesn't return anything useful on error "0xc00d1906".

There is nothing special about my network. Both devices are on the same switch, same subnet, etc.

I saw Plex Media Server has an xbox app, but I don't really like it on Windows. But, I might start using it since the above option is pretty much unusable at this point.

The laptop is otherwise stable and plays games and everything else just fine. Frame rates are great, it's not hot, etc.

I have the latest BIOS and other drivers as far as I know. I tried updating the NVidia drivers at one point (when the Nvidia tool notified me) and had to revert back to the drivers that are officially supported by ASUS. Otherwise, I've seen nothing alarming in the least.

Anyone else seeing this issue? Or can reproduce it? Or know of a better way to stream to the XBOX?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

03-28-2016, 12:18 PM
Im thinking this is a software problem and has nothing to do with the hardware.
If you stream a lot of media invest in a decent NAS and use Plex that is specificially designed and highly rated. Im running a synology 1515+ NAS with 5x6GB WD red pro disks (4 in hybrid raid and 5th as a hot spare) and Plex Media server on it. Ive streamed simultaneously to 4 HDTVs, 3 Ipads, 1 Android tablet, 1 Windows phone and two Iphones without a glitch. All wireless with an ASUS AC5300. The NAS is connected VIA 4 GB Ethernet connections in a load balance configuration. Plex transcodes on the fly so the stream resolution matches the device to conserve bandwidth. I was watching movies from my NAS in the airports WIFI on my Ipad while waiting on a delayed flight 1200 miles from home.

03-28-2016, 01:39 PM
Yeah, it's a strange one, because I can run Visual Studio (w SQL), MT4 backtesting (which maxes at least one CPU), 20-40 Edge, IE, FF, Chrome, and Opera browser tabs/windows at the same time (mostly Chrome though), and misc. other apps (including WIndows 10 Candy Crush...I think Soda Saga?) and it's 100% stable. However, I try to stream from the Xbox after a fresh reboot with nothing else running (that wasn't running at startup) and within 30-45 minutes, it will freeze, memory dump, and reboot. So frustrating when I have all those other things I'm working on open when it crashes.

I love the NAS idea, but my home is where I am... and the country I'm mostly in has terrible internet. So, I'm in a downsizing mode since I'm traveling a lot and getting tired of lugging around external hard drives and such, especially with this beast of a laptop (they always want to disassemble my whole laptop bag which is a jigsaw puzzle to put back together). Otherwise, I would just prefer a PC. But, other than this freezing issue (and the normal windows issues that didn't seem to improve much), throw a USB kbb and mouse on it with dual/trinity display and it's a ripper.

I had considered hooking up one of my USB drives to my router. But, that kinda messes up some other data schemes I have. Ideally, I'd like to max out the internal storage, throw away everything else, and then backup to the cloud. But, the pricing and ToS for the cloud storage is discouraging. Amazon has the only steal at unlimited for $60/year, but the ToS is a bit scary. So maybe just have a single external drive for backups. But, I really do like the idea of taking the load off the laptop when it's not really being used.

Anyway, sounds like Plex might be the way to go. I already downloaded it a while back and been so close to installing it again. I think your recommendation might be the push I was needing. I really appreciate it.

03-29-2016, 11:43 PM
I hear you with the dis-assembly process in the airport. The delayed flight I was waiting for in my post above TSA did everything short of sticking their finger up my butt! I purposely check as much as possible just to avoid security delays. On the way down the Ft Lauderdale I flew through TSA on a precheck list. They didnt even make me take my shoes off or laptop out of the bag. I simply emptied my pockets into the bag and walked the the metal dectector and picked up my scanned bag on the other side. Coming back was payback for it being to easy going down.

04-01-2016, 04:56 PM
For sure, my next buy is a new bag. The one I have now is also new just to fit the G752, but it's really a tight fit despite coming with an xbox sleeve and made to fit 17 inchers. I think I'll try and find a smaller suitcase style carry-on... just whatever makes more sense.

Anyway, looks like I spoke too soon regarding the crashing...

So, I installed Plex and it's really pretty nice. I think I was thinking of XBMC (or Kodi?) that I tried before and didn't like. I was thinking Plex is just a offshoot/branch of that? So, I assumed it was somewhat the same. But, they've done a nice job with it for the most part.

Anyway, so I used Plex all last night without issue. Woke up today and started doing my morning emails and such. Plugged in a USB drive, deleted some files, went to check the properties for free space (i.e. right click properties on the USB drive) and freeze, mem dump and reboot.

That's the first and only time it's done it under those circumstances when the xbox/streaming wasn't involved, but the end result was the same...and I had a ton of stuff open (i.e. Visual Studio, Android Studio, browsers, etc) Plex was also running in the systray and I notice it opens iTunes which annoys me.

The good news is that I was able to install the latest 980M drivers just now without it crashing the G752 like last time and then having to revert. So, maybe that will make a positive difference since the driver was from last year. My fingers are crossed...

04-01-2016, 05:19 PM
I dont think its the software as much as it is a driver issue from the sound of things. I run mine in the dirt with a dozen open apps without an issue. If you were in fact using a driver from last year that is a very likely candidate. Nvidia releases pretty much a driver package a month or close to it if not more often. You can disable the Itunes function in Plex. Ive gotten to the point that I dont use Itunes anymore period, just sick of the Crap it does. There are other ways to get tunes on your apple device without having to watch for bloatware every time Itunes tries to update. My music library is so huge now that I dont need anything new and when something comes along that I want Im buying it through amazon prime these days. That's just one more advantage to amazon prime is you can stream music without having to buy it if you don't want to.
But for media streaming, Im hooked on Plex. Its free for local streaming or you can buy the app for a smart phone and stream from anywhere. I just bit the bullet and paid for a lifetime Plex pass when they were having a special so I can run it on as many smart phones as I want and stream from my NAS anywhere on the planet. Having the pass has a few other advantages like uploading photos to my NAS from anywhere with any device running Plex.
This provides a better list and save me typing LOL

04-11-2016, 01:04 PM
Yeah, I think you're right. The issue happened a few more times after the graphics driver update, all mostly while streaming media including music the last time, but becoming more sporadic and less predictable and still about once every day.

It seems the two usb ports on the left side act like an un-powered USB hub. They can't power both my powered external hard drives at the same time (the hard drives connect and disconnect repeatedly). So, I was running a powered usb hub off one of the left ports with both those drives connected and then not using the other left side port. Then I had two more USB hubs hanging off the other ports on the right side as well running numerous devices.

So, a couple days ago after another crash, I finally removed all usb hubs except one and redistributed the usb load, so to speak. My external hard drives are on opposite sides now and so far it's been stable with the streaming/crashing (knock on wood)...

That NAS idea is starting to make a lot of sense...

Regarding Plex and iTunes. I found how to turn it off in the channels, but it still launches on Plex startup. I just close it, but it'd be nice to kill it altogether. I hate itunes, but have an iphone and so I've just lived with it. Other than that, I'm loving Plex more and more by the day. Thanks for that and the link!! I'll definitely check that out.

I also no longer get notifications from this forum, hence the delayed reply, so I guess I need to go check my spam folders and such... sheesh...can't get though one issue before I got more to troubleshoot... :)

04-18-2016, 09:26 AM
Well, it's been a week now and seems all my pain was self inflicted. Once I ditched the two USB hubs and redistributed the USB load, I haven't had a single crash.

I didn't elude to the USB devices earlier because the data I was streaming was crashing when on the local drive and I unplugged the USB drives at one point. So maybe it's one of the hubs? If I get some time (doubtful), maybe i'll troubleshoot specifically which device it is, but it's probably more likely to come in time on the road or thereabouts. Anyway, live and learn...

Thanks again JustinThyme for all your insight. I suppose I could go back to the inherent processes, but really loving Plex!!! ...and a portable NAS is somewhere in my future... Regards.