View Full Version : Laptop Issues not always turning on G51VX

03-29-2016, 06:50 PM
Okay I have this older G51VX and last month when a battery is plugged in it no longer turns on, however it does not always turn on when AC is plugged in and battery is out.

Also I know that this laptop has a light strip on both left and right, bottom center and the ROG emblem, I know when on battery only the middle and ROG lights up, when plugged all light up, even plugged in now the 2 side lights dont work either.

I also have a G60VX which is pretty much the exact same laptop, for sure the same battery and even with that laptops battery it will not work.

My guess is AC jack is busted inside, but I am not sure, maybe someone else out there had this issue and turned out to be something else, please let me know.

Also if the jack on the MB is bad, does this mean I have to replace the entire MB or can the jack be swapped easily?