View Full Version : Black Screen G75 VX (Best Buy) after warning to format external HD

04-04-2016, 08:46 PM
The day I took it home I formatted the disk with Win 8 and did a clean install of Win 7. I figured out the drivers and it ran perfectly
from December 2013 until last week. I have a 2 TB external HD that lost power suddenly. After plugging it back in I got the
" You need to format this disk before using " message. I have seen this a few times over the years and made the wrong choice
to ignore it. I opened a movie and got 5 min. into it and it froze. As soon as I navigated away from the external HD, I blue screened.
Upon startup my machine asked about starting in safe mode. Thinking my machine was bullet proof I declined. Blue screen.
I disconnected everything except for C drive. Started it and hit a blue screen right at the moment windows would normally finish
loading. Tried to start it again and nothing but a black screen. Hard drive does not spin up. DVD player will function and even spin up,
but it just winds back down and stops. Putting the cord on makes the charging light go on. HD indicator light never goes non, but
the white lights all the way to the right and to the left come on and stay on until I force it down with 8 seconds on the power button.
I read and tried every fix I could. I tried, the power + control + Home Bios flash, taking out the memory/putting it back in. Other HD's.
Windows installation disk. Function everything/ one at a time. External monitors. The only thing I didn't do was look for
a motherboard battery to remove. I didn't want to start tearing it apart not knowing what I was dealing with. At this point I will try
most anything. I love this machine and I can't really swing paying for repairs right now. So.... Any ideas?

04-05-2016, 04:41 AM
I dont think the external HDD would cause your dilemma. May be that it was just the result of something else going on.
Can you get into the BIOS at all? should be able to by spamming the f2 at startup.