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12-26-2011, 10:00 PM
As my signature says I have a G74 with a Crucial M4 256gb SSD and a 750GB 7200.4RPM HDD. Right now everything is on the SSD and the HDD is totally empty. The laptop is brand new so all that consists of is the OS, Word, one game and about 15gb of pictures and videos. I still have about 300gbs of pics and videos, more games and programs to install but this is my first experience with an SSD and dual hard drives in general so I've been holding off so I can figure out the best plan of action.

So basically I need to know how I should I divy everything up? What should go on the SSD and what should go on the 750gb HDD? And how do I transfer stuff thats already on the SSD to the HDD?

Oh and I havnt partitioned the HDD yet so its a blank slate.

Thanks in advance


12-26-2011, 10:10 PM
I'm a bit of a novice to this question but from my tech savy friends I surround myself with I understand that the ssd is best for core operations. Basically your OS should be a necessary thing on there maybe word if it fits. Dump all games photos and other non essential preformance things that you don't use everytime you go to your computer. If the ssd is big enough put what you can on there. I plan on buying a big ssd when the larger volume price drops to put my games on it. My gaming experience is being bottle necked still coming from my hdd, but all works. Hope this helps a little. Good luck

12-27-2011, 12:45 AM
So basically I need to know how I should I divy everything up? What should go on the SSD and what should go on the 750gb HDD? And how do I transfer stuff thats already on the SSD to the HDD?
I'd suggest a couple things. Go ahead and partition the 750Gb drive in whatever way makes sense to you. For me, I have a Data partition, a Music partition, and a Backup partition. But someone with lots of videos or photos would probably set them up differently. Also, some people like to use partitions to organize, some just like folders on one big partition. There's no "right" way to do it. so do what makes sense to you.

Now, if you open Windows Explorer, you notice how it organizes your files into "libraries." The prefab libraries are Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos, but you can modify those and add more to suit your own needs.

Select any one of those, and right up toward the top, it'll usually say "2 locations." Click on that and you'll see the location for your own user library (e.g., C:\Users\Dustin\Documents). The other location is generally "Public User" or something like that.....I delete the public ones, as I don't need them.

So, with your HDD partitions set up, go into Windows Explorer and change all those library locations. Move them over to the HDD, so that all your data files automatically get saved there, rather than to the SSD. Most programs are now smart enough to save to your default library locations, so for example, Word will save documents to "My Documents" no matter where that is. Photo imports will automatically go to "My Photos" etc. You should move all the data files you've already put on the SSD over to these libraries on the HDD.

Another thing I would do is periodically save a system image onto your HDD. This adds a lot of security to your system. You can do this manually in Windows Backup & Restore, or set that utility to automatically save an image on a regular basis.

12-27-2011, 04:04 PM
What files and programs would be better suited for the SSD? How do most people decide what to put on what and why?

12-27-2011, 06:11 PM
the only things that you want on the ssd, are those things which need performance. programs that you want/need to load and run fast. or programs that depend on fast read/write times to work efficiently. all other files,folders and programs you can put on your 750. i like my os to be on its own partition, so that it can run smoothly and not be effected by other things, so i partitioned my ssd into two partitions.
your ssd should hold your version of windows, office and any other programs that you want to run really quickly. ie, i put photoshop and all my other editing software on my ssd, so that i can use them with greater speed and efficiency. my photos, videos, music and other data files, i put on my hdd, because they don't need the same kind of performance. you could make ten partitions on your 750, or just leave it as one big one, and use folders to keep everything organized. i hope this helps.

12-27-2011, 07:49 PM
What files and programs would be better suited for the SSD? How do most people decide what to put on what and why?
Sorry I didn't address that.....I install all programs on my C: drive (the SSD) along with Windows. As Stevae mentioned, they run faster there, just like WIndows does, and unless you install a TON of programs and some REALLY big ones, there's more than enough room on the SSD for all the programs most of us might use. Apparently some games are pretty big, so gamers put some of those on the 2nd drive, but with "regular" programs, it's not necessary. It's really hard to even approach 100Gb with just Windows and programs, and most of our SSDs are bigger than that.

One reason for the allocation I use....system + programs on the SSD, all data on the HDD....is security and ease of back-up. A system image, which is a great way to safeguard your system, get's really big and cumbersome if it includes things like music, photos, and other data. If you limit the system drive to "system stuff," the image is manageable and you can easily save a new one every week or so without bogging down your computer. If your Windows installation ever gets all FUBAR, or your SSD crashes, you can literally re-image onto a fresh drive and be back in business in less than an hour.

12-30-2011, 01:30 PM
How do I change the library's location?

12-30-2011, 08:44 PM
How do I change the library's location?
See my post #3, and let me know if it's still unclear.

12-30-2011, 08:59 PM
lol it is. I followed that post as best i could but i cant figure out how to move the libraries. I can copy them but that doesnt change the save location. It doesnt seem, to give me the option to change it for the libraries just individual files.

12-30-2011, 09:54 PM
Okay, I realize where I was unclear, I think. Changing those Library locations in Windows Explorer doesn't physically move anything....it just sets a new default location for Documents, Music, etc. You do have to physically move the folders to the other drive.

So, let's consider the "Documents" library. If you expand it, you'll see it currently has a "My Documents" location, which actually points to a C:\Users\Dustin\Documents folder. In the sidebar in Windows Explorer, grab that "My Documents" folder and drag it to the location you want on the HDD.....it could just become D:\Documents, if you want, or you can put inside some other folder. (Hint: To move the folder, rather than copy it, press the SHIFT key while dragging.)


Now, with the folder physically moved, go back and select the Documents library, and click where it says "Includes: 1 location" or "Includes: 2 locations" at the top of the main window.


Now, select that original default location on the C: drive, and click "Remove."


Click the "Add" button and browse to the "My Documents" folder in its new location. If there is more than one location now listed for the Documents library, make sure this one is the default location. Then things will get saved there. (I'd remove the "Public" locations....they're pointless for most of us.)

Repeat this for all the libraries you want. The overall gist is to establish a save location on 2nd HDD for photos, music, videos, etc., either by moving the existing save folder (that's currently on the C: drive), or by creating new folder(s) in the new target location. Then change the default location of the given library to that folder on the 2nd HDD.

Sorry I left so much out before....I can see how it would make no sense if you don't actually move the folders. Let me know if there's any part that's still unclear.

01-13-2012, 02:15 AM
Thank you it all worked great! youve been a big help, now Ive just got to work out the 50 other issues on this thing. lol

01-13-2012, 02:58 AM
Thank you it all worked great! youve been a big help, now Ive just got to work out the 50 other issues on this thing. lol
One task done.....just a few to go! Let us know if there's anything particularly vexing. :)