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04-26-2016, 07:33 AM
Hello ASUS ROG Australia Community Forum members,

Please note that we will not tolerate any form of spamming, advertising, trolling or any sort of bullying, harassment and discrimination against other members! Doing things like these will lead to a lifetime ban with IP logged. Depending on the severity you may be warned at first!

If you put anything in your signature encouraging a form of purchasing a product, this is classified as spam.

If you are leaving useless comments/posts in threads, or rewriting the same information that has already been said and not contributing anything useful, this is considered trolling and you will be banned.

If you are treating any member with disrespects, harassing and discriminating them with useless comments this will result in an instant ban! We will not tolerate such behaviour!

If you are a vendor, system reseller or system integrator that wants to put an advert in their signature, publish any competitions or things relating to this matter please get in contact with us so that we know who you are and what your intentions are.

06-20-2016, 10:51 AM
Can we nickname the board AUSUS?

This idea is a good idea - the regional boards - now we have a local complaints section without having to worry about what's happening in Istanbul... not that I have anything against Istanbul, it was just the first city that came to mind after eating a Turkey Sub.