View Full Version : Asus Bag counsel/suggestions requested for my G752VY

04-27-2016, 07:47 AM
Hello.. just writing this post for have a council about Asus Bag for my G752VY. You know.. this notebook is really big.. and normally don't fit in much of bags u can found in shops.
In this days i watched Asus Shuttle II and Asus Nomad II.. this bags are amazing!!

Actually i live in Italy and have the possibility to buy Shuttle II for 49 euro.
I'll do it? After watched the Nomad II really falled in love.. but really much money. There's nothing of similar at 50-60 euro? can't spend more than it


04-27-2016, 07:12 PM
The only bags / backpacks (that I know of) that fit the G752 are Shuttle2, Nomad2, Everki Titan, and Bonvince18.
The Bonvince18 from Amazon is an alternative to the Shuttle2 if you're on a budget, The Nomad2 and the Titan are about 130 Euros.

04-27-2016, 10:35 PM
Had a ROG Backpack bundled with my G752VT. People have complained they're too small for the G752 but mine fits perfect. I have feeling Asus sent out bigger bags to the retailers to swap out the bags that were too small. It would explain why the seal was broken on my box.

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04-28-2016, 06:03 PM
I personally am not satisfied with the Everki Titan, lots of room, too much actually. laptop fits kind of loose, not a lot of padding on the bottom. all of the places to put cords and cables make no sense.
Meh, it's all I could get locally.

04-28-2016, 07:27 PM
Really falled in love of Nomad v2... but the price is double than Shuttle v2 !! 59,61 euro vs 111,41 euro T_T