View Full Version : Problem with G551JK sleep mode and battery

04-29-2016, 02:33 PM

I own ASUS R.O.G. G551JK gaming notebook. I did clean install to windows 10 and from that point a bunch of problems appeard.
First problem is that if i put my notebook to sleep mode and open it again or wake it up from sleep mode, the notebook starts resseting
and it take a long time to reset. Any aplication that i had opened are closed and it is like just a reseted. Another problem is with my battery,
the battery charge up only to 92-98% never to 100% so the light indicator below the touchpad is always red. And if i run on battery sometimes it dies after 10minits
or half and hour. it that means the battery is broken ? Also i dont get notification of that the battery is on 10% and 7% like id did when i had the windows8.1. All this happend
after installing windwos 10.