View Full Version : My new G751JY and questions about backing up and compressing C: drive

04-30-2016, 03:41 AM

New member here, although I have been learning a lot from reading other posts.

Just got a new G751JY. This laptop comes preloaded with Windows 10, and has both a 256SSD an a 1TB HD.

I intend to install Linux and possibly also FreeBSD, because of the work I do. So I have a few questions that maybe someone might be able to please help me with:
1. I would like to have the possibility to recover the machine to its factory configuration, even if I destroy the recovery partition. It is my understanding that Asus Backtracker does not support the creation of recovery media on a laptop preloaded with Windows 10. So should I use something like Acronis True Image to create a full image of my disks?
2. How much space would I have available on the 256GB SSD if I compress the Windows C partition, with some room left for a game or two? I intend to leave, for now, the recovery and, obviously, the ESP partitions intact.