View Full Version : G750JS Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter Wireless Issue

04-30-2016, 06:10 AM
HI all,

I am in desperate need of someone with more intelligence and expertise than me on this.

We recently got fibre connected to our apartment, I am in Australia so we are only getting fibre in some areas. I had to buy a new router (Asus DSL-AC68U) as it supports fibre connections here. We pay for up to 25mb/s down and via wired connection we get 23 down stable. (Australia remember, speeds are so slow compared to the world)

Anyways, got it all working and noticed that my laptop (Asus G750JS) only receives near on 2mb/s down and can barely place any upload. From my googling I can only assume its the Broadcom 802.11 network adapter setting holding it back as my Samsung Galaxy s6, HTC One, Apple Iphone 6 Plus via speedtest app all get 23mb/s down with no issue.

Therefore I think it is my Broadcom chip setting or possibly a type of setting on the router, tbh I have no clue now as to what to try next.

I have updated to latest drivers for the chip and firmware on the laptop.

- FYI My wireless speeds have always worked before we got the new router/nbn connected.
- I can't test the old router as it doesn't work with VDSL NBN

If anyone could shed some light on the situation I would be much appreciated.
I'll be on trying to figure this out, ask away if you need more info.