View Full Version : drop of fps in games after clean reinstall of Windows 7 on G55VW

05-02-2016, 04:52 PM
hey guys,

just recently i did clean reinstall of Windows 7 on G55VW, all is good, but FPS in games drops well under normal.
i do videos with FRAPS and Avermedia LGP. before it was for example in SWTOR 60 FPS when recording with FRAPS, now it is about 40. on the recorded video it it even lower.
i did videos from PS4 with LGP on my laptop and it was nice 60 fps, now its 49-54 only.

anyone know what the problem can be? i think i forgot to install chipset driver before... today i uninstalled video drivers, installed chipset and then again video drivers.
no luck, fps drops are the same :(

if anyone know what to do, let me know pls. Kyblik

05-03-2016, 05:36 PM
bump, nobody knows what the problem could be?