View Full Version : [Help Needed] Question regarding mouse given with G551 and other things.

05-05-2016, 08:55 PM
Hi guys

I bought a Asus ROG G551VW-FY212T model laptop a few days back. It came with a free bag, Asus Cerberus headphone and a gaming mouse (GX850 if I am not mistaken).

The problem I have is that, as I have never used a gaming mouse before, while reading the instruction leaflet, it mentions using the Software from the disc provided to configure the mouse to use the different keys, setting DPI and macros etc.
After rummaging through the box countless times, I can confirm that I never got any Disc containing any software to do this. So now I'm stuck wondering where I can get or find this. I couldn't find it anywhere online, so I was wondering if someone here can direct me on how to obtain this software.

Also the laptop came pre-installed with Windows 10 (which is okay, I guess) and loads of softwares I don't really need. I got rid of Live McAfee ( Of all the anti-virus suites out there, why on earth is Asus bundling McAfee?) but I am not sure of certain programs like Asus Gift Box and Asus Gaming First and something called ROG centre (or something like that).
Do I need them or should I get rid of them?

Thanks in advance.


05-19-2016, 07:12 AM
I got my laptop win8.1 with asus rog gx850 driver preinstalled , my mouse is death now after 9 months playing full days